The Columbia Experimental Laboratory in the Social Sciences (C.E.L.S.S) is an experimental lab created and shared by Economics, Political Science, SIPA and the Business School, under ISERP's broad umbrella. The lab serves as an interdisciplinary venue for researchers interested in conducting computer-based experiments.

Weekly schedule for Fall 2019:
- Monday: 10am-12pm, 2-6pm
- Tuesday: 10am-12pm
- Wednesday: 2-6pm
- Thursday: 2-6pm
- Friday: 2-6pm

The Programming Consultant is available on Monday 6-8.30pm and on Thursday 10am-12.30pm.

Experiment sessions, testing sessions, and meetings with the lab manager should be scheduled at least two business days in advance.

The lab is closed on public holidays.


CELSS Grants to Graduate Students

Lim Xi Zhi, Greer Mellon, Bonnie Rogers, and Justin Canfil received the CELSS grants for graduate students.