To register as an experimenter, researchers need to sign the lab usage agreement and ORSEE usage agreement. They can then email the agreement forms to the lab manager at [email protected] to request for an ORSEE account.

Before conducting an experiment, researchers will need to test their softwares at the lab and send the lab manager the experiment’s IRB protocol approval with the name of the approved experimenters listed. Graduate students will also need to be certified by the lab director, associate director or the lab manager that they are qualified to run their own experiments.

If you received a grant from CELSS, you will anticipate the expenses and send all the material to ISERP for the reimbursement.
Visit the dedicated page for more information about the material you need to provide for reimbursement.

Visit the page "Types of Experiments" for more details about recruitment and payment policy for various types of experiments.

Experimenters affiliated with CELSS can request a Qualtrics Account by filling the form available on ISERP website. CELSS organizes regularly tutorials to familiarize with Qualtrics, and our programming consultant is available for one-to-one training and clarifications.

Researchers whose departments are not part of C.E.L.S.S. may request to use the lab as an external guest.

  • Guests  must follow all lab's rules listed under registration as an experiment
  • Researchers whose department is a member of C.E.L.S.S. have precedence in booking the lab. In particular, guests cannot reserve the lab more than 3 days in advance of running an experiment and may be excluded from the lab during periods of high demand.

Using the lab as a guest is best done as an exceptional occurrence, at the start of a researcher’s interaction with C.E.L.S.S. If researchers expect to use the lab regularly, they should consider asking their department to become a member of C.E.L.S.S.

For more information, please contact the lab manager at [email protected].


C.E.L.S.S uses ORSEE, a web-based Online Recruitment System, specifically designed for recruiting participants for lab experiments. We have compiled a quick guide to ORSEE. Detailed information can be found on the ORSEE documentation website here.



The laboratory provides support for experiments using zTree, oTree, Qualtrics and MATLAB. Our MATLAB comes equipped with PsychToolBox. Besides experiments conducted in our physical lab, we also support experiments using Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Researchers can seek assistance with Qualtrics and Amazon mTurk with our programming consultant (see office hours in the homepage).


Experimental Logistics

We have compiled a guide to conducting an experiment at C.E.L.S.S. as well as an experimenter’s checklist to help researchers with the experimental logistics.



We routinely conduct introductory workshops on zTree, oTree, and Qualtrics. Upcoming workshops will be announced in the news page.