If you are a registered student in either Columbia or Barnard College, you can

click here to become a participant at C.E.L.S.S! 

This link directs you to our web-based recruitment system, the Online Recruitment System for Economic Experiments software (ORSEE). By registering, you will join more than 1500 students of the Columbia community who have been participants at C.E.L.S.S.

When you are registered, you will receive emails anytime there is an experimental session opening for which you satisfy the experiment’s selection criteria.

Signing up for an experiment and showing up at the scheduled time and date guarantees a “show-up fee” of $5. Your final earnings depend on the outcome of the experiment. We require you to turn up at least 5 minutes before the start of the experiment to avoid being marked as absent since our experiments start on time.

Please follow the rules given to you on ORSEE when you register in our subject pool.