Grants for Untenured Faculty

C.E.L.S.S. awards seed rants to untenured faculty members for experimental projects. Applications are accepted both for studies conducted in the lab and for studies conducted online.

Maximum amount: $4,000/grant. [Note: The Fall 2021 call for faculty proposals incorrectly states the maximum budget as $1,000.]

Application Requirements

The application must include:

  1. The proposal
  2. An appendix with experimental materials
  3. The budget
  4. The applicant’s CV
  5. A statement detailing additional sources of funding for the project.

The proposal should outline briefly the question under study, the experimental procedures, and the reasons why the project is expected to result into a broader research program and outside grant. Its maximum length is 2,000 words, excluding bibliography.

The appendix should contain materials that demonstrate what the experiment will look like. Examples of such materials include experimental instructions, questions, or screenshots. 

The explicit involvement of one or more graduate students, identified by name, will be considered an asset to the proposal.

The application should be submitted in electronic form to [email protected].

The funding allocation expires at the end of the second semester following the grant. Unused funds will be reappropriated by CELSS.


Applicants must be untenured faculty at Columbia in Economics, Political Science, SIPA, the Business School, or a department affiliated with ISERP.

Requests for clarification

Questions concerning this call for proposal and the use of the lab can be addressed to the CELSS manager,
at [email protected] , or to the CELSS director at [email protected].