Mark Dean


Mark Dean
Department of Economics




Associate Director

Jacopo Perego


Jacopo Perego
Columbia Business School



Lab Manager

Shuhua Si


Shuhua Si
Department of Economics


Programming Consultants

Victoria Geh


Victoria Geh
Columbia SEAS



Aryan Ranjan


Aryan Ranjan
Columbia College


System Administrator

Eric Vlach


Eric Vlach
Senior System Engineer




Scott Barrett, School of International and Public Affairs
Alessandra Casella, ISERP, Department of Economics, and Department of Political Science
Matthew Connelly, ISERP and Department of History
Donald GreenDepartment of Political Science
Navin Kartik, Department of Economics
Stephan Meier, Business School
Gerard Torrats-Espinosa, Department of Sociology
Homa Zarghamee, Barnard College

Affiliated Faculty

Hassan Afrouzi, Department of Economics
Jacqueline Gottlieb, Department of Neuroscience
Sharon Harrison, Barnard College
Bentley MacLeod, Department of Economics
David Stark, Department of Sociology
Michael Woodford, Department of Economics

Current Students

Laura Caron
Lucas de Lara
Tarikua Erda
Jeffrey Guo
Hayeon Jeong
Michelle Jiang
Zhi Hao Lim
Victoria Mooers
Shuhua Si


Guy Aridor, 2022 Ph.D. in Economics. Placement: Kellogg School of Management
Zhihan Cui, 2021 Ph.D. in Sustainable Development. Placement: Postdoctoral Scholar at UCLA Anderson School of Management
Ambuj Dewan, 2017 Ph.D. in Economics. Placement: Post Doctoral Fellow at University of Southern California
Teresa Esteban Casanelles, 2021 Ph.D. in Economics. Placement: J-Pal Governance Initiative in 2021/King's College starting in 2022
Evan Friedman, 2020 Ph.D. in Economics. Placement: University of Essex
Duarte Goncalves, 2021 Ph.D. in Economics. Placement: University College London
Han Huynh, 2020 Ph.D. in Economics. Placement: Bates White
Giovanna Invernizzi, 2021 Ph.D. in Political Science. Placement: Duke University
RC Xi Zhi Lim, 2020 Ph.D. in Economics. Placement: Antai, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Nathaniel Neligh, 2018 Ph.D. in Economics. Placement: Post Doctoral Fellow at Chapman University (now University of Tennessee)
Manuel Puente, 2019 Ph.D. in Economics. Placement: Datadog
Silvio Ravaioli, 2022 Ph.D. in Economics. Placement: Cornerstone Research
Dilip Ravindran, 2021 Ph.D. in Economics. Placement: Postdoctoral Researcher at Berlin School of Economics
Luis Sanchez, Columbia College 2017. Placement: Ph.D. program at Cornell University
Jeremy Ward, 2020 Ph.D. in Economics. Placement: Datadog
Krzysztof Zaremba, 2023 Ph.D. in Economics. Placement: ITAM Mexico