Material for Reimbursement

If you received a grant from CELSS, you will anticipate the expenses and send all the material to ISERP for reimbursement.

IMPORTANT: expenses must be submitted for reimbursement within 120 days, according to Columbia University Business policy. You can find more information on the ISERP website.

This page contains information about the material you need to provide.

After running the experiment, you should prepare two "summary files" (more details below), and also collect all the receipts associated with the payments. All the material should be sent to [email protected]. If this is your first reimbursement, you will receive indications for registering in the system.

1) Receipts
- For lab experiments, you collect the signed receipts for the cash given to the participants at the end of the session (you can bring the receipts in person to the ISERP office, IAB 3rd floor)
- For online experiments, you collect the receipts from uploading money to the experimenter mTurk account, or equivalent (make sure the receipt indicates clearly the date, amount, and name of the account where you added the money).

2) Reimbursement list [example with fictitious numbers]
Summary file with detailed information about the amount and its component (the list of payment receipts). It should indicate the number of participants, and the amount paid to each participant (in case everyone received the same amount, no need to repeat it for every participant).

3) TBER file [example with fictitious numbers]
Summary file with detailed information about the purpose of the reimbursement (lab or online experiment, number of participants, name of the project, and details of the grant received that will be used for the reimbursement). Please make it clear in the email to ISERP as well as the TBER form that the reimbursement refers to a CELSS grant and that the Lab Director (Prof. Alessandra Casella) should approve the expenses.

NOTE: If your grant covers only partially the expenses (e.g. because you have another external grant) you must indicate all the expenses in the reimbursement list, but the TBER file must contain only the amount that you are eligible for. Also, you should clearly indicate in the description box that the two amounts differ because CELSS grant is covering only part of the expenses.